Trapezoid of Discovery was borne out of research conducted into the origins of the election fraud claims that have plagued the 2020 US General Election. The individuals and organizations that are amplifying these claims have capitalized on the complexity of cybersecurity concepts to sell a particular narrative - and thrived as a result.

We aim to untangle these claims. Along the way we’ll also highlight key players, discuss possible motives and drink lots of Fernet-Branca.

We’re a small shop, so there’s bound to be a mistake or two. If you spot one - please let us know. Have a tip? We’d like to know about that too, just shoot an email to

Our work has been cited by:

  • Vice

  • The Daily Beast

  • Insider

  • American Oversight

  • AZ Mirror

  • The Daily Dot

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Trapezoid of Discovery is an independent investigative publication focusing on cybersecurity and disinformation.


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